Mint Serena 64 bit using the Mate desktop environment. Most of the following scripts will run on this machine, although some have only been tested with the Gnome desktop. Extra software requirements can be met by the Ubuntu and safe PPA repositories. Scripts may be re-written or added to from time to time, the date serves as the version number. Syntax highlighting on these pages is provided by GVim's "Convert to HTML" option.

Television Episode Downloader

# Filename: ezrss
# Version 091110
# Author: robz
# Download trackers from "EZrss" & monitor the "Torrents/Incomplete" folder.
# I have "unmetered" bandwidth in the small hours but dislike leaving my PC
# on all the time, this script suspends & resumes the PC within that timeslot.
# You will need "rtcwake" from the repositories and "shutdown" may need
# adding to the sudoers list.
# In a terminal (omitting all quote marks) do "sudo visudo", at the bottom of
# the listed items click Enter for a new line and paste this entry:
# "%user ALL=NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown" replacing "user" with your user name,
# click Escape and do ":wq" Enter to save and exit.
# Be careful editing sudoers as mistakes can cause problems.
# Ref: man visudo - read this if you're at all unsure ---- read it anyway.
# Use this line for your menu or panel launcher, alter to suit ---
# gnome-terminal --geometry 110x50+20+50 -x /home/"user?"/".scripts?"/ezrss

## Vars
DIRI=/home/$USER/Torrents/Incomplete/           # Incomplete downloads.
DIRC=/home/$USER/Torrents/Complete/             # Complete downloads.
FILE=/tmp/ezrss.file                            # Episodes list from EZrss.
TRKRS=/tmp/trackers.file                        # Episodes selected.
LOG=/home/$USER/Torrents/torrents.log           # Logfile.
TFDLD=/home/$USER/Downloads/                    # default .torrent dl dir.
IN=7200                                         # Default halt pc, in seconds.
SEED=600                                        # Default seed, in seconds.
EVERY=10                                        # Test dir every, in seconds.
SHOW_NAME_EXACT=""                              # Search leeway, leave blank.
QUALITY="hdtv"                                  # Look for HDTV quality.
QUALITY_EXACT="true"                            # Enforce only hdtv not 720p.
UMDL=02:15                                      # Unmetered download start.
AT=$(date -d $UMDL +%s)                         # Date/time re-start - epoch.
ENDS=$(date -d 0645 +%s)                        # End time for unmetered.
PROG="transmission-gtk"                         # Bittorrent Client.

get_shows() ## Function search and select shows ---------------------------##
echo -e "\033[36;1mDownload television shows torrents from EZrss--\n"
tput sc; tput setaf 6
while [ "$SHOW_NAME" = "" ]; do
read -p "Enter name of show: " SHOW_NAME; tput cuu1; done
SHOW_NAME=`echo $SHOW_NAME | sed -e 's/ \+/+/g'`
# Form "EZrss" URL for search page, get results.
wget -q -O - $SITE | egrep -o "http:.*.torrent" | sort -u -r > $FILE
tput rc; tput el; tput setaf 7
nl $FILE                                        # Number for easy selection.
echo; tput sc
until [[ "$ANS" = "n" || "$ANS" = "q" ]]; do    # Not n or q? get more shows.
    tput setaf 6; tput el
    read -p "Select an index number (q)uit (n)ext - press ENTER " ANS
    if [[ "$ANS" != "n" && "$ANS" != "q" ]]; then
        sed "$ANS"!d $FILE >> $TRKRS
        tput setaf 7; tput rc; tput el
        cat < $TRKRS
if [ "$ANS" = "q" ]; then clean; fi             # If quit clean temps & exit.

deferred_start() ## Function suspend and re-start later -------------------##
sudo /bin/true                                  # Get root privileges.
if [ "$AT" -lt $(date +%s) ]; then              # Is time set already gone?
    AT=$((AT + 86400))                          # If true then add a day.
echo "Torrent log for "$(date +%a" "%x) >> $LOG
echo "Suspend PC start option chosen -------" >> $LOG
tput setaf 3
echo -e "To cancel - Ctrl+c within the next 10 seconds.\n"
tput setaf 7; sleep 10
AT=$(($AT - `date +%s`))                        # Calc. wake in $AT seconds.
sudo killall rtcwake; clear                     # Kill any residual process.
poff -a                                         # Stop ADSL.
sync && sudo rtcwake -u -s $AT -m on &          # Set wake-up time.
sleep 2; sudo /usr/sbin/pm-suspend              # Workaround rtcwake bug.
##### PC suspended here. Restart time is set with the "UMDL" in Vars above ##
xset dpms force off                             # Awake with VDU off.
CHECK=0; sleep 20; pon adsl; sleep 20           # Start & test for ADSL.
while ! ping -q -c 1 > /dev/null && let "CHECK += 1"; do
    if [ "$CHECK" -gt "18" ]; then              # Ping for 180 seconds.
        echo "Torrent log for "$(date +%a" "%x) >> $LOG
        echo "ADSL failed to reconnect - bollocks!!" >> $LOG
        haltpc                                  # No internet? call shutdown.
sleep 10

stats() ## Function download/upload stats ---------------------------------##
for n in {2..5}; do
    RAW=`vnstat --dumpdb -i ppp0 | grep "h;$n;"`
    UP=$(echo $RAW | cut -d ";" -f5)
    DOWN=$(echo $RAW | cut -d ";" -f4)
    let "DOWN_TOTAL += DOWN"
    let "UP_TOTAL += UP"                        # Loop vnstat for traffic.
UP_TOTAL=$(echo "scale=2; $UP_TOTAL / 1024" | bc)
DOWN_TOTAL=$(echo "scale=2; $DOWN_TOTAL / 1024" | bc)
echo "Traffic for this session:" >> $LOG
echo -n "Up: "$UP_TOTAL"MiB | Down: "$DOWN_TOTAL"MiB | " >> $LOG
echo -n "Total: "$(echo "scale=2; $UP_TOTAL + $DOWN_TOTAL" | bc) >> $LOG
echo -e "MiB\nThese figures might also include the auto update cron job\n"\
"check the Update Manager for new downloads.\n" >> $LOG

haltpc() ## Function shutdown nicely  -------------------------------------##
killall -w -q "$PROG" && stats
echo "Run completed, PC shutdown at: "$(date +%H:%M:%S) | tee -a $LOG
echo -e "\n==============================================================\n"\
>> $LOG
# "shutdown" needs to be added to sudoers list for next bit to work.
sync && sudo shutdown -h now

clean() ## Function remove temporary files & quit script ------------------##
rm -f $TRKRS; rm -f $FILE; rm -f $TFDLD/*.torrent*; exit

## Start here ######
get_shows                                       # Function get_shows.
until [[ "$ANS" = "n" || "$ANS" = "q" ]]; do    # Not n or q? then more shows.
    tput sc; tput cuu1; tput el
    echo -ne "\nAnother show?  (y)es (q)uit (n)ext "
    read ANS
    if [ "$ANS" = "y" ]; then
        get_shows; ANS="0"
    elif [[ "$ANS" != "n" && "$ANS" != "q" ]]; then
    tput cuu1; tput el; echo "I don't understand your input"
    sleep 2; tput cuu1
if [ "$ANS" = "q" ]; then clean; fi             # If quit clean temps, exit.

# Get tracker files
wget -q -nc -P $TFDLD -i $TRKRS
tput setaf 6; tput cuu1; tput el
echo -e "Tracker files have downloaded -----------------------------------\n"
rm -f $TRKRS; rm -f $FILE                       # Tidy up tmp files.

## Start now or suspend and resume at $UMDL.
tput bold; tput setaf 6;
ANS=" "
until [[ "$ANS" = "y" || "$ANS" = "q" || "$ANS" = "n" ]]; do
    read -p "Suspend now and restart at $UMDL? (y)es (q)uit (n)ext " ANS
    if [[ "$ANS" = "y" && `date +%s` -gt "$AT" && `date +%s` -lt "$ENDS" ]];
        read -p "You're ADSL is unmetered! start now (q)uit (n)ext " ANS
if [ "$ANS" = "q" ]; then
    clean                                       # If quit clean temps, exit.
elif [ "$ANS" = "y" ]; then
    deferred_start                              # func deferred_start
    echo "Download now option chosen -----" tee -a $LOG

## Start Bittorrent client Transmission GUI.
tput bold; tput setaf 7; clear
echo "Torrent log for "$(date +%a" "%x) >> $LOG
"$PROG" &
# Required parameters already set for GUI, but maybe the daemon or remote
# option would be a better choice to avoid potential config. conflicts.

## Wait for files to appear in /Incomplete, loop here until true.
while $(ls -A $DIRI); do
    tput cup 0 0; tput smso
    printf "\r%s"">>>>> Waiting for files in >>>>>\n$DIRI"
    sleep 5
tput rmso; clear

## Write details of download to log.
tput bold; tput setaf 6
echo -e "Monitor \"$PROG's\" working directory for \n\
completion of currently downloading torrents.\n"
echo -n "Directory: " | tee -a $LOG
tput setaf 7
echo -e "\"$DIRI\"" | tee -a $LOG
tput setaf 6; tput sc
echo "Waiting for compliant peers"; sleep 180
tput rc
echo "Files found:               " | tee -a $LOG
tput setaf 7
echo -e "$(ls -1 $DIRI)\n" | tee -a $LOG        # List and log.
tput setaf 6
echo -e "PC will be shut down when seeding is complete"
echo -e "Run started at: "$(date +%H:%M:%S) | tee -a $LOG
DSET=$((`date +%s`+IN))                         # Default shutdown from epoch.
echo -e "and will finish no later than: "$(date -d @$DSET +%H:%M:%S)"\n"
tput sc
echo -e "The directory is monitored at $EVERY""s intervals."

## Start timer
#  Check /Incomplete dir. for content, if [time up or empty] then next.
while [[ $CHECK*$EVERY -lt $IN && "$(ls -A $DIRI)" ]]; do
    printf "\r%s""Working..............checks made so far: ""$CHECK "
    sleep $EVERY

## If /Incomplete dir. is true then shutdown function.
if [[ "$(ls -A $DIRI)" ]]; then
    tput setaf 1; tput rc
    echo -e "--------------------------------------------------------------\n\
Default time limit reached torrents incomplete!\n\
$(ls -1 $DIRI)\n\
--------------------------------------------------------------" | tee -a $LOG
    haltpc                                       # shutdown function.

## Torrents completed before default? then seed.
tput rc
echo -e "--------------------------------------------------------------\n\
Completed files transferred out at $(date +%T)" | tee -a $LOG
echo -n "to directory " | tee -a $LOG
tput setaf 7
echo -e "\"$DIRC\"\n\
--------------------------------------------------------------" | tee -a $LOG
echo -ne "\"$DIRI\""
tput setaf 6
echo -e " is now empty."
DIFF=$((DSET-`date +%s`))                       # default time remaining.
if [ "$DIFF" -le "$SEED" ]; then
echo -e "Torrent seeding time is set for $SEED"

## Seed time allocation.
if [ "$SEED" -gt "0" ]; then
    echo -e "Torrent residual seed $SEED seconds" >> -a $LOG
    tput setaf 1
    for i in $(eval echo {$SEED..0}); do    # count down from seed value.
        printf "\r%s""This computer will shut down in: "$i
        tput el
     sleep 1
haltpc                                      # shutdown function.

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